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Founded in 2019, Invoice Cover is the premier specialist broker for domestic and export trade credit insurance products also known as Invoice Insurance. You’ve never heard of Invoice Insurance? That is 100% normal and don’t worry we will train you to become an expert.

Invoice Cover is a fast-growing company with an exceptional company culture, home to a dynamic bunch of hard-working people.

Join a wonderful team of professionals with years of experience under their belt coupled with fresh, young talent in a fun working environment.

We are constantly looking for the best talents to join our team. Review our current openings, apply, and help us in building Canada’s #1 Trade Credit Insurance Brokerage.

You’re the right candidate if you checked all the boxes

If not, no worries we understand and thank you for being honest


Be Yourself and Stand Out:

Do you find yourself quickly bored, looking for new challenges and the opportunity to make a difference?


Succeed together:

Are you generous with your time, care, and expertise, always looking for opportunities to work collaboratively, drawing ideas and experience from across the company to make great decisions?


Create customer buzz:

Do you seek to offer an experience that customers rave about? Our customers are at the heart of what we do.


Find a better way:

Do you agree with this assumption? There’s always a better way. Whether you get there in baby steps or giant leaps, the only way to success is via constant experimentation. Fix what’s broken and make what works even better.


Learn things, share them

Are you hungry for knowledge? Read, ask questions, network, be constantly in pursuit of new understanding. And, when you have it, use it and keep winning.


Take pride:

Do you care about team success? Are you willing to leave it all on the field to capture the cup?

Invoice Cover is a commercial-line damage insurance brokerage. Through its brokers, Invoice Cover is registered and licensed in the province of Quebec.

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