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WHY operate your own credit department?

Our primary goal is to become a virtual extension of your credit department by managing your receivables for you.
We enhance your customer relationships through efficient, accurate and courteous customer service while ensuring you receive your payments promptly.


Increase Accounts Receivable recovery

  • Improved cash flow & Decreased DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

A reduction in operating costs

  • Lower your overhead and benefit from our knowledge.

Best-in-class technology

  • CMS’s state-of-the-art technology and highly experienced staff facilitate more consistent follow-up with your customers, quicker payments, and improved cash flow.

Outsourcing to experts

  • Don’t spend time and resources running your own credit department when CMS has a team ready for you!

5 Warning signs
of a potential
bad debt.

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  • Debtor says they will pay once they get their new financing.
  • Debtor has you on ignore and is extremely evasive.
  • Customer is being sued by another supplier.
  • Change of ownership.
  • Emails bounce and website is down.

If any of these sound familiar it may be time to consider Credit Management Services.

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