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Check your customer’s credit, insure your invoices and guarantee that you always get paid.

The effect of bad debts can be devastating for your business. The sales required to recover from bad debts can often be significant and nobody works for free. Trade credit insurance pays when your customer cannot.  If you have 5% profit margin, you’ll need $400,000 in revenues to make up $20,000 in bad debts.


Access to new markets

  • Gain the confidence to safely and aggressively grow sales with new and existing customers.
  • Credit insurance allows you to expand your business without any hassles. You can enhance the credit lines with your existing customers or offer competitive credit terms to new buyers. Gain a competitive advantage when it comes to winning new customers.

Avoid bad debts

  • Safeguard against bad debts and get paid for what you sell when your customers fail to pay their bills.
  • Trade credit insurance provides a safety net against late payment and bankruptcy by both Canadian and international buyers.

Improve credit functions

  • The insolvency of one of your major customers could have a significant impact upon your business operations. Having a trade credit insurance policy can assist in identifying early warning signs of potential payment difficulties.
  • One of the largest, as well as the most at-risk of all your assets are your receivables.

Facilitate bank financing

  • Secure better bank financing and borrowing terms by leveraging your trade credit insurance policy.
  • If your accounts receivables are covered under a trade credit insurance program, both Canadian and export sales can be used as collateral to secure cost effective working capital which in turn helps you to not only grow, but also avoid cash flow problems.

Collection services

  • Trade credit insurance provides access to cost-effective collection services.
  • Only pay collection fees when actual amounts are collected.

Buyer Monitoring

  • The insurance carrier assigned a risk team to your policy that will monitor your buyers’ credit worthiness over the course of the year.
  • Get notified in real time when your buyer is in a state of default with another supplier.

Make the right credit decisions on buyers worldwide

Access a powerful database for on the spot credit checks.

The insurer providing credit coverage often acts as a partner and helps to avoid credit losses. They also provide market intelligence which includes better insight into the financial viability of the buyers.

Ability to request insurance in less than 30 seconds on any buyer worldwide.

No need to source references or credit report, rely on the insurer’s powerful database and financial guarantee.

Bid on tenders with the financial security of your insurer.

No more need to request security deposits, leans or letters of credit.

You’re in good company!

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