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Sales to high-risk customers

Accounts Receivable Put Options fill credit insurance gaps and protect your business if a customer files for bankruptcy. This type of product has been around for over a decade and is used to allow sales to high-risk customers after credit insurance has been cancelled.

The contracts are provided by a bank or hedge fund. They can protect against publicly traded customers or customers with publicly traded debt and very negative financial results.

Key Features

Complete Coverage

  • Protect the full value of the receivable outstanding balance. There is no co-insurance and deductible.

Customer Insolvency

  • The protection is triggered by your customer filing for bankruptcy, there is no protection for late payment.

Flexible Contract Term

  • Contract terms can be for only 3 months or many years. Note that the insolvency must occur during the contract term.

No Cancellation

  • Once the contract has been finalized, it cannot be cancelled. It maintains valid, regardless of your customer’s financial status. The price is guaranteed for the contract duration.
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